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What is an hour glass figure ?

I get asked this question A LOT !

The most importanat thing to emphasis is that there really isn’t a definitive answer.  What you will be able to achieve, in terms of your figure, will depend a lot on your start point – your current body shape and your frame.

That said – I think it is really useful to have some guidelines to try and help keep your figure as feminine as possible.  For me one of the most important things in achieving this is to keep everything in balance.  There is always the temptation to go bigger (especially on the boobs !) – but this does not necessarily make you look more feminine.

I work with a couple of guidelines to try and help my customers keep everything in proportion – and to give some clues about what parts of the body might need padding or pinching in.

  • Your overbust and your female hips should be roughly the same (within 2″)
  • Your female waist should be 6-10″ less than your overbust / female hips

Looking at each of these in a bit more detail


1.  Keep your overbust and your hips roughly the same size





Keeping your hips and boobs in proportion will stop you looking to top or bottom heavy – and give you far more realistic feminine figure  I generally suggest keeping them within 2″ of each other

How do I measure this:

1.  Overbust:

The overbust is is your chest measurement, measured with your bra on around the fullest part of your boobs.

If you know your bra size then you can use the following table:








Overbust =Bra Band size PLUS









So a 42D bra has a 45″ overbust (42 bra band size PLUS +3)

2.  Hips:

Measure your feminine hips around the FULLEST PART OF YOUR BUM.  This will be typically lower than where you would normally measure your hips.


2.  Keep your waist 6-10″ less than your overbust & hips





The female torso is far more curvy than the male torso.  Men are a bit “straight up & down” while women have fuller hips, smaller waists, and boobs !  By ensuring your waist pinches in compared to your bust and hips you will get more feminine curves.  The bigger the difference the curvier your figure will appear.

How do I measure this:

Measure your female waist around where your belly button is.  This is typically where a female torso is at its narrowest – it is probably a little higher than you would normally measure your waist.  Your female waist measurement is NOT your male trouser size !


So how do I get an hour glass figure ?


Well the first thing to do is to make sure you know your feminine vital statistics – you can then assess them against the guidelines I have provided above.  You can use these to help you decide:

1.  how large your bra/boobs should be (to balance your hips and / or waist)

2.  if you need your hips padding to match with your overbust / bra or provide more difference to your waist

3.  decide if your waist needs pinching in compared to your overbust / hips


I hope that helps – just remember these are only guidelines.


Geraldine x

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  1. Hi Geraldine

    Please please please help me……..

    i have bought many gaffs in the past but find that none of them realy work for me…….. when I pop my testicles up inside myself they push my pubic area forward and it looks unsightly , not flat and feminine also when getting in and out of the car invariably one of my testicles poppes out ……I would love to have a gaff and am interested in the black lace one you sellbut need some advice as to weather they would indeed flatten my pubic area as well as hide my penis and testicles please……….. untill then i am left not tucking but puulling everything tightly back between my legs and wearing tights th hold me in place …..not comfortable …….also hurts to sit

  2. Hi Geraldine
    I have a good quality corset and I’m happy with the shape I can achieve.
    However with a corset you are left with the top edge of the corset showing under tightish clothes because it doesn’t sit flat against the top of your torso. Guess its because male body doesn’t have the natural female shape above the waist. Any tips on overcoming this problem?


  3. hi geraldine

    i found this very informative and helpful.

  4. Geraldine, thanks for the tips. I have been loosing weight and waist training with shapewear (latex corset) and short periods with a tight lacing corset. I now have 44″ hips, a corseted waist of 34 (and only slightly larger when un corseted) but my problem is my ribs! I have. 42″ under bust and C/D cup forms that give me about a 46 to 47″ over bust. Slightly top heavy! I really don’t want to balance by increasing the hips, even with padding, as I like the fact I can now fit in a size 16 skirt (started off with a 42″ waist!)
    So I guess my best option is either a smaller breast form or encourage and make the use of my own breast tissue, despite the weight loss I do still have ‘moobs’ that can fill a good push up bra. I am guessing I would need a B cup? (Currently use a C cup)
    Any suggestions?

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