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Special Offers – Silicone Hip Enhancer multi-buy discounts

Exclusive discounts on Silicone Hip Enhancers


Try one of our multi-buy discounts and save £££s  Please remember that, for hygiene reasons,  self adhesive products are non-returnable.  All discounts are applied in your shopping cart before you check out.


1.  Buy 2 different sets of pads and get over 33% off the smaller set


A) Large and Medium – Save  £40 (Regular price £319.98 – NOW ONLY £279.98)


This set is ideal if you want two separate looks one with some real curves and one a little more subtle.



B)  Medium and Small – Save  £20 (Regular price £179.98 – NOW ONLY £159.98)


Two separate looks again – for the shopper who wants an altogether more subtle boost



2.  Buy all three sizes and get 33% OFF the medium AND 33% OFF the small set


Save almost £60 on the full set (Regular price £379.97 – NOW ONLY £319.98)


All the options covered for a great price !


  1. Do you have a place in London where I can visit to see before buying.

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