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Padded Underwear – Buying Guide

I thought it might be useful to summarise each of the different styles of padded underwear I sell – so you can see the main differences.  I have categorised each panty under the following headings:

  • The area where the padding is located
  • The type of pad (foam / silicone, and Removable / Built-In)
  • The impact the underwear will have on your shape
  • The colours it is available in
  • The price

Hopefully this will help you quickly identify the product that will help you achieve your femme figure.

You can see my range of padded underwear in my Hour Glass Figure WebShop by clicking here.


Product Target Area Pad Type Impact Colours Price
Padded Rear & Hip Brief Bum & Hips & Waist Foam: Removable  + 2-3″ Bum / Waist, -1″ Waist  Black, White  £44.99
Padded Panty Bum & Hips Foam: Removable  + 2″ Bum / Hip  Black, Nude, Pink  £36.99
Bum Enhancer Bum Foam: Built-In  + 1-2″ Bum  Black, Nude  £37.99
Bum Bra Bum None  More about shaping than padding  Black  £23.99
Hippee Hips Foam: Removable   + 2-3″  Hips  Black, Nude  £29.99
Mid-Thigh Panty w/ Silicone Pad Bum Silicone: Removable  + 1-2″ Bum  Nude  £38.99
Panty w / Silicone Pad Bum Silicone: Removable  + 1-2″ Bum  Nude  £32.99
Padded Boy Short Hips Foam: Removable   + 2″  Hips  Black, Nude  £27.99
Waist Cincher Padded Panty Bum & Waist Foam: Built-In   + 2″ Bum, -1″ Waist  Black, Nude  £34.99


If you would like any other comparisons adding, or need any other help or guidance just drop me an email on info@hourglassfigure.co.uk



  1. Hi, I am interested in this dress but would like to check for the size on the hip part . It seems like Size M & L arhnavieg the same size. I have big hip of approx. 40 inches, can be fitted in ?Appreciate your prompt reply.Thanks

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