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Breast Forms – Crossdressing Buying Guide

How to choose your Breast Forms


Not sure which breast forms will suit you the best.  There are a few questions to ask yourself which will help narrow down the selection.  I will go into each question in a bit more detail – but in summary, you need to consider:

  1. Do you want to wear your breast forms bra-less (unsupported) ?
  2. What profile of form are you looking for ?
  3. How realistic do you want your form to feel to the touch ?
  4. How much natural breast tissue do you have ?
  5. Do you want the best “femme” experience ?
  6. Do you prefer triangular (symmetrical) or asymmetrical shaped forms ?

If you can answer these six questions – then it should lead you to the best breast form for you.

Do you want to wear your breast forms bra-less (unsupported):

  • Frequently
  • Occasionally
  • Never
The sticky-ness of self-adhesive breast forms is not actually enough to hold them in place unsupported / without a bra.  The adhesive is just designed to make wearing them feel as natural as possible.  If you want to go bra-less then you will need the “traditional” breast forms – and use double-sided tapes to hold them in place.
If you are intending on using tapes frequently with your boobs, the Luxury breast forms (triangular and asymmetrical) actually have a double thickness underside, which is specially designed to resist tearing.  For occasional wearing with tapes – the Delux or Natural Look forms will also work well.
If you don’t intend to go bra-less you can choose any of the breast forms we offer.


What “profile”  breast form are you looking for ?

  • Full
  • Shallow

The “profile” of a breast form refers to how much silicone is in the upper part of the form.  A full profile has more silicone in the upper part.  This will give the appearance of a younger breast – or perhaps a bit like a lady who has had a boob job – sitting a bit more prominently on your chest.  A shallow profile has less silicone in the upper part.  This means it will blend in better to your chest wall, but be less prominent.

It depends entirely on the look you want – each of the forms I list will tell you the profile.

How real do you want the silicone to feel ?


This one is largely down to how much you want to spend.  The more you spend the more realistic and flesh like the breast forms will feel.  But don’t be put off from my less expensive ranges – all of the breast forms I sell are really high quality.

I think the most realistic feeling silicone breast forms you can buy anywhere (and i mean anywhere) are the Amoena full weight forms (382, 384, & 386).  If you buy these, I am pretty sure, you will be amazed when you touch them.  They really are uncannily breast like.

Next down the “realism” scale are the Amolux range (these are actually also made by Amoena !).  These still feel really good, and are essentially a cut price version of the Amoena full weight silicone.  After that the silicone feels less realistic to the touch – although still has a nice natural bounce to wear.

How much natural breast tissue do you have ?


All the forms are concave (hollowed out) on the underside, but some are more hollowed out than others.  The more hollowed out they are the more natural breast tissue they can accommodate.  If you have quite large “man-boobs” you need to chose forms that are more hollowed out or they will not sit properly on your chest – or in your bras.

You tend to find that the forms that were developed for ladies who have had a mastectomy (like Amoena) are less hollowed out.  The most hollowed out are the Amolux range – with the rest (Luxury, Delux, Natural Look) sit a bit between the two.

Do you want the best femme experience ?


this one ultimately comes down to budget – and how you want to wear your forms.  There is no doubt in my mind the best femme experience comes from the self adhesive forms.  Having the form attached across the whole of the underside just makes it feel natural.  After a few hours you will end up thinking they are yours !




If you have answered the questions listed above – you can use the table below to help you choose the best breast form for you – and if you CLICK HERE it will take you to the breast forms in my shop (prices correct as at Spring 2017).



Can be Worn


Breast Form


Realistic Feeling


How Hollow is


Best Femme


Amoena – 382  £349.99  No  Full The Best  A Little  The Best Triangle
Amoena – 384  £349.99  No Shallow  The Best A Little The Best Triangle
Amoena – 386  £349.99 No  Average The Best A Little  The Best Asymm.
Amolux – Diamond  £194.99 – £209.99  No Full Very Good Maximum The Best  Asymm.
Amolux – Ruby £128.99 – £142.99 Yes  Full Very Good  Maximum Triangle
Luxury – Triangle £164.99 – £219.99  Yes Full  OK A Lot    Triangle
Luxury – Asymm. £169.99 – £224.99 Yes  Full OK  A Lot Asymm.
Delux £138.99  Yes Full  OK A Lot  Triangle
Natural Look £124.99-  £152.99 Yes  Shallow OK A Lot Triangle

Still not sure….

I have put all the questions into a system that (assuming you can answer the six questions) will help you choose which form is the best for you. Take a look HERE.

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