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Size Guide for Crossdressing and Transvestite Bras

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New Delivery Service.

You can now pick up parcels from your local Post Office !!

I have just introduced a new service where you can choose a Post Office - I will send the package there - and you can pick it up.  There is a charge for this service

Pay using CASH !!

You can now pay using Ukash.  Simply purchase a voucher at any participating outlet (including all Payzone outlets) and use that to pay for your order.

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Transgender Bras and Cross Dressing Bras

Crossdressing Bras and Transgender Bras

All of the bras shown here - including the balconette bras - will completely conceal your breast form.  I have tested them all with the breast forms I sell

I have personally put together this selection of bras which are ideal for crossdressers and transvestites.  So what are the important things to look for in a bra:

  • Firstly, and most importantly, it must be a beautiful piece of lingerie - all of the fashion bras in this collection are georgeous, and have a lovely quality feel.
  • Secondly, nearly ALL of these bras will fully conceal a breastform - to give you that perfect appearance when you look in the mirror, so you don't need to worry about the size of the cup.  I have tested them with the breastforms I sell.
  • Finally, they are available in large back sizes and large cup sizes, making them ideal for the slightly larger male torso.

I will also take care ensure that your breastforms fit the bras perfectly, so you wont waste anymore money on lingerie that justs sits in your chest of drawers.  The collection includes:

  • Fashion bras.  This range is made up of bras that any woman would buy, but I have selected them as they are ideal for use as crossdressing bras. For additional confidence you may wish to wear your breastforms attached to your chest when wearing these bras, but it is not essential.
  • Pocketed fashion bras.  This range was originally designed for ladies who have had a mastectomy.  Most of my crossdressing customers prefer to buy bras without pockets, but these bras are really worth a look.  They are ideal for use as cross dressing bras as they are all full cup and will completely conceal a breastform.  I have only selected pocketed bras where the pocket is a "sleeve" inside the cup of the bra.  This means they are really versatile as the bra can be worn either with a breastform secured in the pocket, or attached to your chest giving maximum flexibility.

For more detail on the types and styles of bra, please take a look at my "bra and breastform types" page.