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You can now pick up parcels from your local Post Office !!

I have just introduced a new service where you can choose a Post Office - I will send the package there - and you can pick it up.  There is a charge for this service

Pay using CASH !!

You can now pay using Ukash.  Simply purchase a voucher at any participating outlet (including all Payzone outlets) and use that to pay for your order.

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Medium Sized Silicone Hip Pads

Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
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Silicone Hip Enhancers (Medium)

These moulded silicone pads are self adhesive, and have been especially designed to give a fuller more feminine silhouette.  Unlike foam pads they feel just like skin, no-one will guess you are wearing padding under your clothes.

My View:  "These pads are flexible enough to move with your body even when sitting down.  A great way of adding inches to you hips that lets you wear any underwear or hosiery you like.  These medium pads will give a lovely shape to your hips and upper thigh."

Please note, the adhesive on these pads is not strong enough for them to be worn unsupported.  They need to be worn underneath tights or a pair of reasonably substantial "boy short" briefs.  I also recommend using the roll-on adhesive to provide a little additional stickiness, particularly around the edges (see below).

  • Self adhesive - simply wash with soapy water
  • 100% flexible and realistic (they were designed by someone who was afraid that the foam pads she wore would be discovered when she was being frisked at a night club)
  • Edges blend unnoticably
  • Avialable in three colours
  • Adds 2-3" to your hips
  • Size (approx): Width: 23cm, Length: 30cm Depth: 3cm, Weight: 750g

Skin Tone

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: kourtney from canada   5 Stars
I just purchased this product and i have had it on for a few days now. so far i the must say that this product is fabulous and looks all natural. the curve on it is so realistic, I could literary wear it with any pants or dress it so seamless looks and feels natural. my boyfriend couldn't even tell. so i just wear it with a regular tight or spandex and it holds up well. " no one wud tel u had something there". This product has definitely boosted my Ego.

Reviewer: Flic from UK   5 Stars
Being a bit of a skinny minny i've always struggled for hips, i've been down the foam route a LOT of times and they always end up ruined, these silicone enhancers feel amazing to wear and give me all the boost I need, both in shape and confidence!

Reviewer: Amanda from UK   5 Stars
Totally awesome! I suddenly have hips and look great in the mirror. Brilliant!

Reviewer: Shelly from Melbourne   5 Stars
Can't believe how great they feel, I really swish my hips when I walk now.