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Silicone Hip Pads for crossdressing
Realistic Self adhesive breast forms for the best femme experience
Silicone Hip Pads for crossdressing
Realistic Self adhesive breast forms for the best femme experience
Padded Underwear to enhance your curves
Help and Advice to help cross-dressers achieve a more feminine figure
The best gaffs you can buy to tuck everything away

Welcome to Hour Glass Figure, my online shop, designed to help you enhance your en femme figure

Hour Glass Figure - Your lingerie and Breast Form Experts

I'm Geraldine and welcome to my specialist shop for men who like ladies lingerie.  Here the "Hour Glass Figure" you have always dreamed of can be yours.  I personally know all of the products I sell in detail and can provide advice and help to help you get the best out of your shape.  If you have any questions about please just give me a ring or send me an email. You can also chat to me using the blue box at the bottom of the screen. 

Breast Forms - for the ultimate femme experience.  My breast forms are all high quality medical grade silicone - no adult novelty items here. Designed to mimic the weight and feel of natural breasts many come with self adhesive undersides so they will end up feeling like they are your own for the best en-femme experience.

Silicone Pads - for more feminine curves.  My extensive range of bum and hip pads includes several exclusive products.  Whether you are looking for a subtle improvement or a more serious boost - you will be able to get you the femme curves you have dreamed of.

Shapewear - to smooth and squeeze you into shape.  Strong shapewear selected especially to work well on the male torso.  Pinching in your waist or smoothing your figure to enhance your curves. Many also come with pads to smooth and enhance your figure.

My ultimate objective is to help you look your absolute best - Love Geraldine xxx

Calculators to help cross-dressers understand how to achieve the perfect feminine figure
Let me help you buy anything you want online - in total personal privacy
Completely anonymous packaging and Discreet payments

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