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Amolux Breast Forms.

The Amolux forms are new on the market, and have a very similar adhesive system to the Amoena forms. They have been specifically designed for the TG/TV market.

They are made of a silicone which feels just like Amoena's full weight silicone. Importantly they have a more concave underside than the Amoena forms, which means they are more "hollowed out". This is ideal if you need them to accommodate more natural breast tissue. The self-adhesive Amolux form is only available in an asymmetrical shape which gives more shape under the arm - but can interfere with the underwires in some bras.

There are two models:

Amolux Diamond (Asymmetrical):

These are an asymmetrical shape, and so extend a little more under the arm. Choose these if you need a your forms to cope with a little more natural breast tissue.

Amolux Ruby (Triangle):

New on the market these breast forms are made from a silicone that feels just like Amoena's full weight silicone - which is about as realistic as it gets. Choose these if you want the most realistic feeling traditional form you can buy.