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Basic Gaff

Basic Gaff for Crossdressers | Hour Glass Figure
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Basic Gaff

This garment is like a thong - but with a bit more "room".  It is designed to help flatten the body where needed, and can be worn under a brief or tights without showing through.  You do not need to "tuck" to wear this item.

  • Fits smoothly against the body
  • Very feminine
  • Full frontal coverage.
  • Soft  panty lining for comfort. 


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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: SJ from Devon   5 Stars
Very pleased with my new gaff. I’d recommend.

Reviewer: Scott from Norwich   5 Stars
I brought the Nude Basic Gaff and it is really good for a beginner like myself

Reviewer: Simon from England   5 Stars
The service from Geraldine was superb, I used the next day delivery. Gaff fits beautifully and is very comfortable, no embarrasing bumps in the front of my skirt now ;)

Reviewer: Kathy B from coalville Leicestershire   5 Stars
the basic Gaff came 2 days after ordering it ,and once i had tucked the boys away and slipped it on i was amazed how flat my front looked it beats using large plasters and tape

Reviewer: Marcie from Swindon   5 Stars
All I can say is amazing, wear a pair of these and its all gone x

Reviewer: Lily from Malmesbury   5 Stars
Made a flat surface! Which I have been searching for, for quite some time now. Thank you! (:

Reviewer: Lily from Bristol   5 Stars
Just enough to do the trick

Reviewer: Gemma Castle from Surrey   2 Stars
The gaffs I bought came quick, but when I tried them on & wore them I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get a totally flat groin I always had little bump between my legs but least I can go swimming with the gaffs I have had other gaffs that had a big waist band & a card & material front that gave a complete flat groin but could be tiny bit uncomfortable at times. These gaff from hear don't quite fit me not sure if they are designed to be lower in the front so the back thong sits where most thongs & panties sit on me. but they are comfortable to wear even though I have to use the tuck method.

Reviewer: greg from surrey   5 Stars
hi just got my gaffs and there great thanks very much for your help ++++++++++++++++++++++

Reviewer: Ingelin from Norway   5 Stars
Hi! I stand outside on my terrace, in beautiful sunshine, only with my black gaff on and a black bra on my slim body. Oh my Gosh I feel so feminine. This Gaff is just big enough to get full control with a minimum of cloth, and no seams shows through other clothes, just what I needed.