Fitting Help & Guidance

Hi Ladies

I get lots and lost of questions and queries from customers asking about their figure, and the types of products that might suite them the best.  I have put together these pages to try and answer the most frequently asked questions - and provide a bit more help for those of you that prefer reading advice to talking things through. 

Hopefully you will find it useful.

Just click on the links in the heading for each subject and it will jump to the relevant advice page - and you can navigate from there.  There is a lot of information here - some fairly basic - and some quite complicated.  If you need any further information or guidance you can:

Guidance on how to get the best Femme figure for you

1.  What are your "femme" measurements

This is pretty much the start point for looking at your figure - and what you can achieve.  Measuring your feminine Bust - Waist - Hips are the essential first step, and you need to do it properly as they are NOT the same as your male Chest - Waist - Hips , as they are measured in very different parts of the body.

2.  What is a female Hour Glass Figure

A useful start to understanding my basic rules on how to get a realistic, balanced and curvy feminine figure - which will help you look as realistically feminine as you can.

3.  NEW - The Hour Glass Figure Calculator

A new tool which allows you to input your current Femme Vital Statistics, automatically compares to my Hour Glass Figure guidelines, and lets you play with the changes you could make with shapewear and padding - to see how you can improve your femme figure.  Give it a go and let me know what you think.

4.  How do I work out the best Femme figure given my current vital statistics

A bit more complicated - but provides a step-by-step process to go from your current femme statistic, and  to determine your target femme figure - along with suggestions as to the type of products you will need in order to get there.

5.  Body Shaping for Cross Dressers

Just some general thoughts on choosing the right shape and garments for you.


Help & Guidance on Breast Forms

1.  Types of Breast Form

Here I provide a description of the main types of breast form and the pros and cons of each one when it comes to cross dressing. 2.  How do I calculate my breast form size

If you know your bra size then you can use this calculator to determine what breast form you will need from the different brands and types I sell (careful as they are not all the same).

3.  What breast form is right for me

If you can answer 6 simple questions about the type of breast form you want and how you would like to wear it - then this buying guide should help you get the right one.

4.  NEW - Breast Form Selection Tool

If you can answer the six questions use this handy tool to see which breast form I would recommend for you.

Guidance on bras

This section provides a bit of background on how bra fitting works, and the different type / styles that are available.  In general I tend to recommend a more full cup style bra as this will completely conceal a breast form - and give the most realistic look.

1.  Types of bra

Here, I look at the different types and styles of bra that you can get, and provide the pros and cons of each one - when it comes to cross dressing.  Useful if you are a bit new to this. 2.  How do I calculate my bra size

Bra sizing is really a bit tricky - which explains why so many women wear the wrong size bra.  In this section I provide a bit of background as to how to calculate your bra size.  To simplify everything I have created several bra size calculators to take away the need for you to do the maths !

This one looks at the type of figure that you might want.

If you want to calculate your bra size form your under bust / overbust measurement - use this calculator

3.  How do I know my UK Dress Size

I get asked this one a lot !  Here I provide the basic measurements that "define" each dress size.  These days you will often find clothes have what is called "vanity sizing" - which means they are a bit more generously cut - so woman who is technically a size 18 - can still buy a size 16 - which makes her feel slimmer !  Each brand sizes differently so the figures here are a bit of an average.

Help & Guidance on other products

I will put together guides on all of my products (eventually !).  But here are the ones I have done so far:

1.  Padded Underwear Buying Guide

Here I do a quick comparison of the main attributes of all the padded underwear I sell - so you can quickly see the types of pads they have, how much (&where) they will pad out your figure, and how much they cost.