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Boost Hips by 4"

Increase your hip measurement by 4"

The only real option to get this level of boost to your hips is to go for one of the larger silicone hip pads.  I have put together all of the ones that will give you an additional 4".
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The Hip Creator - Large Silicone Pads
Large silicone pad that will add inches but will be invisible under minii-skirts and shorts. Will add 3-4" to your hips.
The Hip Creator - XL Silicone Pads
The largest pads I sell - these extra large silicone pads designed to give you a realistic feminine shape. Will add 4-5" to your hips.
Set of Silicone Hip Enhancers (Large AND Medium)
Set of two pairs of self adhesive silicone pads (one Large and Medium). Save £35 when you buy the pair.
Large Silicone Hip Enhancers
Self adhesive silicone pads especially designed to give a more feminine hip line. Will add 3" to the hips - available in three skin tones.
Silicone Hip and Bum Pads
NEW - Self adhesive silicone pads which enhance the bum and upper hip area. Will add approx. 3-4" - available in three skin tones.