Bra Size Calculator for Cross Dressers

I have put this calculator on the website so that you can convert an underbust measurement plus an overbust measurement into a bra size.  This will help you determine your hour glass figure vitl statistic

It works differently to the bra size calcultors used for genetic females as my experience has shown that these generally give a bra size that is a bit too large on the back.

1.  Your undersbust is your chest measurement approximately 3" below you nipples (where your bra band will sit) - with the tape measure held TIGHT,  This is your underbust measurement NOT your bra size.
2.  Your overbust is the measurement around the fullest part of your bust boobs with a bra / breastforms on

Under-bust size


The look you want ?

You can look at the bras in your size by choosing here....

Step Three: Find out what size breastform will fit the bra.

All you have to do is select your bra size from the drop down menus, identify which manufacturer's breastforms you want the size for, and then press 'Calculate'. I will suggest the right sized breastform from amongst the ones that I stock.

I have coded the various manufacturers size charts into the calculator to make it easy for you. I will be adding more manufacturers as I complete my recommended list of breastform. Obviously it will only work for the brands / models I stock.

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Measuring your Chest Size or "Under bust"

The underbust measurement must be taken around the chest, where the band of your bra will sit.  It is NOT the conventional man's chest measurement.  Typically you will need to measure around your chest approximately three inches below your nipple.

This should be where you would expect your bra to sit.  On men there are generally a couple of additional considerations.  Firstly, it will need to be below any breast tissue you have at the moment.  Secondly, but perhaps more importantly, it will have to be above your belly (if you have one).  If you do have a belly you must measure your underbust above it.  There is no point measuring it any lower as any bra you wear will gradually "ride up" to the point where your belly meets your chest.

Having got the right place to measure, you must put a cloth (or soft) tape measure around your chest and pull it quite tightly.  Not so tight that it digs in, but tight enough that you can feel a bit of tension.  Read the measurement in inches - round up any half inches (eg. 38.5" becomes 39").

This is the measurement you should input into the calculator - it is NOT your chest size for a bra.  Your bra chest size will be your underbust measurement plus 2 inches (if it is an even number), or your underbust measurement plus 1 inch (if it is an odd number). 

Don't worry all of the maths is coded into the calculator - all you have to do is measure your underbust, and put it in the calculator.

Please also read my fitting tips.