Breast Form Selection Tool

breast Form recommmendations I have developed this tool to try and help you choose which breast form might meet your needs the best.  It will require a bit of trial and error for you as there is not a breast form that will meet every single combination of answers that you can give. 

I suggest you answer the questions that are most important to you first - and then play around with the less important ones until you come up with some recommendations that are close enough for you to be interested.

For each question:

1.  Bra-less.  If you want to wear your breast forms without the support of a bra you cannot go for the self-adhesive forms as the stickiness is not strong enough to hold them up for very long - you will need to use the traditional forms with double sided tapes.

2.  Shape.  Up to you really, but the triangular forms are by far the most popular.

3.  Profile.  This is the amount of silicone in the upper part of the form.  "Full" gives a more prominent appearance like a younger breast - or someone who has had a boob job.  "Shallow" is a more subtle and blends with the chest wall a bit better.

4.  Femme Experience.  For the best femme experience you really have to try the self-adhesive boobs - they will feel like your own after an hour or so.  Of course, these forms are more expensive.  But don't worry - all of the forms I sell are of really good quality.

5.  Realistic silicone.  This is about how much the breast forms feel life like to the touch.  Amoena have developed full weight silicone to replicate the natural feel of breast tissue - it is more expensive but is amazing to the touch.  Amolux runs close second.  Although the other forms do not feel quite like breast tissue - they all have a nice natural bounce when worn.
6.  Breast Tissue.  If you have a lot of breast tissue you will need a form that is more hollowed on on the underside or it will not sit properly on your chest.

So to find your recommend breast forms, simply:
  • answer the six questions
  • PRESS the "Recommend a breast form for me" Button - this will generate a recommendation
  • PRESS the "Take a look at these on the Website" Button - this will take you to the product(s) on the website

How often do you want to wear your forms without a bra (or unsupported)?

What shape of form do you prefer ?

What profile breast form would you prefer (see above for description)?

Do you want the best "Femme" Experience (this requires self-adhesive forms) ?

How realistic do you want the silicone to feel to touch and to wear ?

How much natural breast tissue do you have ?

To find your recommend breast forms, simply: