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Breast Forms - Traditional and Self Adhesive

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Choosing the size and type of crossdressing breastforms is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Getting a great feeling, good quality forms will make all the difference to your femme experience.  Getting the correct size for your body shape is equally important, which is why I have developed the Bra & Breast Form fitting Guide and Calculator (see side panel link on each page).

We only sell the best quality breast forms

I only sell medical grade silicone breast forms, and have a range of forms that should suit every need.  You will not be disappointed by any of the silicone breast forms I sell - they are all great quality.  To make things a little easier I have produced some videos to demonstrate the most popular breast forms.  Click on the links below to take a look (the files are quite large).

Video Clips

Amoena Contact 380 Breast Form  * Luxury Breast Form  * Delux Breast Form

Self Adhesive Crossdresser breast forms

A fantastic range of self adhesive breast forms, from Amoena and Amolux.  Permanent adhesive - so no messy glues or tapes.  This is about as good as it gets, and they will really enhance your femme experience. Available in different profiles and different types of silicone - to suit your needs.

Quality traditional breast forms all of which have been designed specifically for crossdressers.  Perfect if you want to use adhesive tapes (which will allow you to go bra-less), or if you don't want your forms attached to your chest.  You won't be disappointed by the quality of any of these forms.
A small range of forms and enhancers which can be used for leisure activities or when travelling.  Worth considering if you wear your forms infrequently.  Includes foam forms and swimforms.