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The corsets shown on this page can reduce your waist size by up to 4", and flatten your tummy - for a more feminine shape

I firmly believe every crossdresser should have at least one corset in their wardrobe.  It is hard to describe the transformation a corset can make to your body shape.  The first time I tried one on I just couldn't believe it, I literally stared at myself in the mirror for a good 15 minutes. I was fairly well strapped in, but 4" off the waist and a flat tummy made me look incredible.

All my corsets have solid metal boning, these are made by one of the last UK corset makers.  They are beautifully constructed and are substantial garments, strong enough that they can do some serious body shaping.  so they can shape your body.  They look and feel really special, I just love them. 

Be really careful when ordering corsets.  Many are highly shaped to work on the curvier female torso - these just will not work properly on the male shape, and you can risk wasting a lot of money.  I have worked with the manufacturer and selected a range which are ideal for use on the slightly squarer / straighter male torso, and will really give you the shape you are looking for.

Go on - treat yourself !!

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