This is what you say......

"I recently bought the High Waisted Padded Short and I am so pleased. The results are amazing from wearing for the first time. They are so comfortable and now all of a sudden I have curvy hips! Skirts and dresses now fit and look so much better. Geraldine was very helpful in answering all my queries after I had looked through the website before I purchased, and delivery was very quick. Will definitely be coming back."  Dan

"Ordered silicone hip creator large pads to replace padded hip and butt pants,wow what a difference, once figured out exact placement was extremely happy with both look and feel.Makes hips look best they ever have. Amazing product that I don't want to take off. Excellent service throughout glad I spent the money as gives a huge increase in confidence."JJ

"I have previously purchased the medium and large Hip Enhancers and swore by them for so long. Having just received the new Hip Creators in Large all I can think is WOW!, I am glued to the mirror. The additional material and wider surface area really defines your shape and adds extra curve. The hip and bottom area flow seamlessly and I love the fact that the pad is a little shorter than the Large Hip Enhancer without removing any of the realism.
A definite must have for those wanting voluptuous curves." 
Sarah, London.

"The final part of my order arrived yesterday.  Thank you for your prompt and discreet service. The forms and hip pads are wonderful to wear and so quickly feel as though they are a part of one. Their weight and movement feel sooooo natural.  The website works very well and is pretty intuitive to use, but the best part for me by far are the advice pages and calculators. These really have been invaluable to me and have helped me to achieve exactly the shape I wanted. They have made me feel really happy and relaxed about myself and greatly assist my confidence. 

Geraldine, you really are a mistress of your craft and the “go to” person for the types of products and services you provide and I certainly hope to revisit soon." 

"First of all let me say how helpful Geraldine is. I was undecided as to exactly which product would be suit me figure and between the femme figure calculator on the website ad Geraldine's expertise with her products she was able to guide me to the Large Hip Creator pads. The service in sending to a Post Office is fabulous and they arrived and I was able to pick up the pads within a couple of days.

The box they come in is enormous and looking at the pads inside I can see why. They have a really good coverage and there is a goodly amount of silicone in the pads that when applied gives me a nice curvy shape on my hips. The pads are slightly tacky, but they really do need some shapewear or tights to keep them in place as well. That's not an issue for me, since I plan on wearing a padded rear panty to go with them anyway that holds them in nicely. The results wear fabulous! Not quite as much width as my old foam pads, but a lot more realistically shaped and they moved more naturally as my body moved making my figure seem more naturally feminine and not an occasional lumpy silhouette as the foam ones often did. I can't recommend them highly enough and Geraldine is a star.


"I have been buying products from this company for about 3 years now and I find the quality and fit of shapewear perfect for me. The choice is wide but without being overwhelming. Customer service is brilliant and I don't know of another site which gives so much help  to enable you to get the right size for us 'special' girls. Thank you Geraldine x"  Charlotte.

"Thank you so much for my order, it arrived today in discreet packaging. I would like to thank you for your wonderful customer service and I would recommend your service to anyone.I am a CD who has been off the scene for too long. I would also like to add that the products you sell are first class and the underwear I bought is gorgeous, I will definitely be purchasing from your website in the future. Penny.  Yorkshire.

"Service is excellent and far above other similar traders.  Website very easy to use. Advice pages and size calculators extremely useful. Best of all is the free advice given by Geraldine. A great trader and one I will 
use again and again as my needs arise."  Angela.
"I just got my latex waist cincher, I wore it today and it was amazing. It was comfortable and brought me to a 36 waist. I can feel it pull me in but it did not hurt and gave me a great hour glass figure. Thank you love the product, love the site and the figure creator is absolutely amazing."  Robyn MacD.

"A big thank you Geraldine. I love The Hourglass Figure website - so much information which coupled with your personal advice ensures I will look my feminine best. I have just received my first order, beautifully presented in pink tissue paper and all items fit perfectly. It was lovely to be treated as one of the girls - the only difficulty I now have is choosing which gorgeous things to treat myself to next".  Candice.

"Just a quicke mail to say thanks for all your help and I've now got the shape I've been after after all the years of trying".  Ano.

"I found this little company after searching the web for the best value for amoena products (they were at least £20 less expensive than their nearest rival); only after ordering did I discover the high level of service that came with it.  Geraldine diligently - and charmingly - checked that I had ordered the right thing (it isn't my first rodeo, but for anyone unsure it's obvious that the advice and service would be excellent). The goods arrived in very careful packaging and she was obligingly happy to try to hit a specific delivery schedule.  Dealing with small owner-managed companies, where the owner is keen to give good service, is so much better than dealing with major brands and 'systems-led customer relations'.  Good company, great attitude, great value, charming owner, what more could you want?"  J.B.

"I received my order today and I must say I am delighted with it. I am a generic woman who has very boyish hips so I just wanted to say your products are great for people like me as well as your usual customers. I have used foam pads for years but was never happy with them. I now feel like they are a part of my body and I don't even know I'm wearing them. I may order the large size in the future to wear with other outfits. I am soooo happy". Anon.

"Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm super pleased with the tucking gaff I ordered. I wore it last Friday for a night out, under a pair of super skinny jeans and it was comfortable and everything stayed nicely tucked away and where I wanted it to. I was especially pleased with the lovely flat silhouette it gave as well."  T.

"This is quite simply the best and most helpful online shopping experience for trans people of all varieties. Geraldine is an expert in sizing and knowing what products are suitable, how they will fit and ultimately how they will look.  She takes time to reply to all emails with care and having really thought about whatever issue you have or are hoping to achieve.  She gives honest, sensitive and clear advice and sells products to match.  I bought Amolux Diamond breast forms, which are just incredible.  The size, fit and feel are like nothing I've worn before.  They feel incredibly natural and I kind of don't want to take them off! Geraldine you are a star, thank you."  Matt.

"I ordered a tube waist cincher with briefs. I took measurements according to advice on this site. It arrived as promised in plain packaging. Well, it fitted like a glove and I am very pleased with it. Thanks Geraldine for you superb service."  Tara xxx.

"Geraldine, thanks for the great service and excellent product. The large silicone hip pads arrived according to plan and work perfectly. They feel almost as if they were my own hips!".  Marca

"My new lacy gaff thong ths arrived and having popped myself up inside myself and put them on with a sexy pair of tights I have to say a very big thankyou..... no sign of my penis or testicles left at all just a smoooooooooth looking crotch area just like a genetic girl ...... well worth the wait..... I just cant stop looking at myself in the mirror and admiring my new vagina and also touching myself and not feeling anything male between my lovely smooth shaven legs".  Sivoin

"I can't thank Geraldine enough for the help and promptness of delivery in all aspects, so, so happy with the fantastic service she has provided. I hope her business goes from strength to strength. Many thanks again". Sophie xx

"I have been wearing the 11" corset for a week now, I have not worn one before and it beats spanx hands down. I was reluctant as I have seen so many films where women complain about them, well I suppose that if you had to wear one all day every day, it may grate a bit, but when you choose to wear one, wow! It feels like an all day hug, makes you sit beautifully and gives great shape with normal fitted womens clothes. After a first time struggle I looked on youtube for advice on putting it on and now I can get into it and out of it quickly. I love pulling the laces and feeling and seeing it tighten. I think that 4" slimer as recommended is good, but having done that and finding it surprisingly comfortable, I may save up and go for one in another colour to take 6" off. Best wishes."  Sarah

"Hi, received the silicone hip pads before I expected them. Great!. They fit very well and adhered to my skin nicely. Much better than my old foam rubber pads. Well -pleased. Thanks.​"  AW.  Newcastle

"I am extremely happy with the products you supplied. The fit was nothing short of perfect, the quality I am very well satisfied with. When I was thinking of buying from you, I did think the products on the pricey is true you get what you pay for, and these were absolutely wonderful....I would certainly buy from you again. I have made purchases elsewhere before now and I have always had 'niggles', something not quite right, usually the size and the fit. But my purchase from you was an excellent decision. I am very well pleased with a quality product that fits perfectly. Thank you very much."  C

"I am a Tgirl and I have bought the Fashion Latex Waist Cincher (medium) in black, in dresses I am size 12, but sometimes need a 14 in bodycon dresses.  It is a fabulous cincher and really gives me a feminine shape, it also really enhances your boobs. My Tgirl friends have admired it and said that it looks really good. I think that I might buy the pink one also. Additionally I bought a basic gaff and it is also very good. Geraldine is very helpful and the service has been great". Lucy.

"This site is an absolute gold mine for us girls!  The gaff that I bought (with the plastic insert) is the only one that I have used that fully tucks my 'boys' away. Good after sales service - totally recommended! ".  Charlotte

"I discovered the Hour Glass Figure website and emailed a couple of questions before my first purchase.  Geraldine was really helpful and quick to reply and, based as much on her friendliness, I placed an order.   My order was delivered really quickly, the first part almost by return and the second a week later as it was custom made.   The service was really friendly, professional and efficient.  Could not ask for better or more.  As for my products - two gaffs and a waist cincher - I could not be happier.  Fit well, well made, but most importantly make me feel special and feminine.   Thank you."   Emma

"My padded boy shorts arrived in a very inconspicuous package, was pleased with the quality and design at first looks. Extremely comfortable to wear! Had to adjust the hips a little to give me a touch more width, but hey! That's not the products fault for me having no hips! ;D".  Warren.

"Received these Padded Rear and Hip Briefs today. Oh my word...... what a transformation. Now have curves in all the right feminine places and my figure now looks superb in both skirts and trousers. The lift on my rear is exactly what I was hoping for and the waist is nicely drawn in with the elasticated waist band which incidentally, actually stays put and doesn't ride down. Sizing is spot on and true to expectation (34"-36" version). My only criticisim is a personal one and I wish they were available in a skin tone colour.  Geraldine is a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending hourglassfigure.  Many thanks Geraldine and will certainly buy from you again. x".  Nigel.  East Anglia

"WOW I got my corset today, I cant believe what excellent quality and how it's  totally feminized my look, Cheers Geraldine I cant thank you enough".  Cindy.

"OMG, I've had my large silicone hips and bum pads for a few weeks now. They look and feel amazing. I've tried the foam pads but the don't look very convincing. These however look totally convincing. The shape makes me look and feel like a real woman for the first time. My dresses fit better, look better and it gives me the confidence to go out. And girl do I work those hips when I'm out. Sexy, Sassy spring to mind. Beyonce, eat your heart out. Thank you so much Geraldine, I can't tell you how good they are and how good they make me look and feel." Hollie

"I received the 7" black leather corset on Saturday, it fits perfectly and does a fantastic job , thank you for all your prompt and honest answers and suggestions to my questions. And for the swift delivery of the item . I am so pleased with this purchase that I am thinking of purchasing the 11" corset later this year."  Rebecca.

"Just like to say this is an excellent online service,found by chance, I was kept informed of the progress and my goods were nicely wrapped in pink tissue paper, arriving very promptly. i would not hesitate in shopping at Betty and Belle again.  Thank you very much." Liz. Rossendale.

"Just want to say a big Thank You for all your help and patience in getting me the figure I've always dreamed of. xxx".  Jacqui

"I have been a great fan of Amoena breastforms for a number of years. Self-adhesion has so many advantages: when wearing them they really do feel part of you.  But having discovered self-adhesive Amolux, I think I have found the perfect breastforms.  Just the right amount of asymmetry.  Convincing appearance, convincing curvature.  Fabulous feel and all-day comfort for the male or transgender anatomy and for those of us endowed with modest breast tissue of our own,  Of course, you do need the right bra for the larger sizes.  But getting good, well-fitting bras is a must in any case for any cross-dresser.  Geraldine provided expert advice in guiding me to the right size.  And was so helpful in making sure they arrived discretely at the right place on the right date."   Kitty.  London

"Hi Geraldine.  I just had to let you know that I've received the (Amoena) breast forms and I'm absolutely delighted with them.  They are exactly as you described them and they really do feel so natural and soft.  The silicone has an amazingly realistic feel and the way they move as you walk is simply wonderful....they have to be the next best thing to having your own.  The self adhesive backing too is brilliant....absolutely no worries about slippage or falling out.  They really do stay in place.  I'm also delighted with the nipples too..they really do look and feel so realistic as well. All in all, a really wonderful product and I have no hesitation at all in recommending them.  They are just simply fantastic to wear."    Andrew.

"Dear Geraldine I have now ordered a number of things through Hourglassfigure and each time I have been thoroughly inpressed with both the product and the genuine manner in which you have helped with enquiries and querries. As a Newbie you have always made me feel relaxed about asking for help and this has helped me to overcome any nerves or anxiety. A 5* service with 5* back up!!! Thank you.".  Charlotte.

"Have just recieved, and am wearing my silicon hip enhancers. These are truly amazing. I am 6ft tall, slim, and the large size is just perfect. All of my dresses fit me now :-) Every item I have purchased from Geraldine has been a quality item, with the best service. Thank you so much for all of you help and advice." Deanna x :-)

"I have to comment on your fantastic service. I ordered from you on Sunday evening and got an automatic confirmation. On Monday you said you were processing the order and on Tuesday you told me it had been dispatched. I received the items on Wednesday....five star service! Now, about the Amoena Contact 1S forms that you sent me. These are just beautiful and the
Amoena nipple set in almond colour compliments them perfectly. These size 5 forms are exactly the same weight as my size 4 Transform Supersoft ones, but are even softer. They adhere quite well and I can even go braless with them (in the house).They go well in a 36B bra but have less fullness than the the Supersofts, so a stretch cup is best. Wonderful braless with a silk cami!" 
Amy. Lancs

"Just wanted to say thank you most sincerely for your efforts with this site. Being a relatively inexperienced cd'er I found working out bra sizes and breastform dimensions daunting. Your site, in particular your calculator, answered *so many* of my questions (even some I didn't know I needed to ask!). I now feel confident in being able to purchase a bra (in
particular) and breastforms that will not only fit me, but suit me as well. I am also very grateful for the dignity and respect with which you treat the cd community. That means a great deal to me." 

"All packages received. Hips, boobs and corset make a big difference, amazing really. Thanks."  Sue

"I just purchased the Small Hip Pads and have had them on for a few days now. So far i the must say that this product is fabulous and looks all natural. the curve on it is so realistic, I could literary wear it with any pants or dress it so seamless looks and feels natural. My boyfriend couldn't even tell. So i just wear it with a regular tight or spandex and it holds up well. " no one wud tel u had something there". This product has definitely boosted my Ego".  Kourtney,  Canada.

"Hi Geraldine, Just a quick update on the hip pads i recently purchased from you to say how great they are ! I wore them for the first time on New Years eve and must admit they looked really great with the new dress i wore for the occasion. I received several really nice compliments during the course of the evening about how good they looked so i was really pleased with them.  Thanks again."  Tina xxx

"Package arrived today.......    Excellent service."  John. Eire

"Hi Geraldine Received the hip pads today. All I can say is: Wow! Put them on slid on a sexy dress, looked into the mirror and all I could see was a naturally shaped woman's body. My hips are now the perfect proportion (used the large ones as I am 5" 10") I now feel and look like a true woman.. Throwing out all my old padded panties. This is truly the best feminization product available. Thanks"   Lisa.  Canada 

"Hi Geraldine,I've been wearing my Amoena contact breastforms for a few weeks now and just want to share the experience.The self adhesion and softness of the silicone make them feel as close to natural breasts as possible short of implants!   Worn with a quality bra I'm sure I feel just like a woman and that's what I wanted."  Sheila,Norfolk

"Wore the bum shaper panties for the first time last week.  Only one word for them...WOW.  Looking forward to receiving the new bra."  Carole.  Sunderland

em>"Geraldine.  Just to say the package with all the goodies arrived today - and it is all brilliant. The breast forms are perfect and much better than I expected to be honest - no more struggling to fill my bras! The hip pads are great too - they definitely work best with tights. I'm glad I went with the small and large deal - the large are great with dresses, but if you have a collection of smaller size skirts like me, the small just add enough shape to look right. And thanks very much for the discrete packaging - whilst I am what I am, I don't particularly want to advertise to the postman (or neighbours if I hadn't been in!) for the sake of it. I will certainly be returning to your site in future. First rate all round."  Andrea.  West Sussex

"My padded panties arrived today, sooo pleased with them, cant help walking with a sway. Great value for money, prompt delivery and great communication. Thankyou XX"  Stevie.  Bucks

"Never, never, have I found a product so good that it could so realistically emphasize the beautiful curves and symmetry of a female's hips....until finding your silicone hip forms.  What a dramatic transition!  So easy to place, and so comfortable, I don't even know they are there!  Thank you so much! ."  Jessica.  San Fransisco.

"The padded panties came last week, and are superb.  I had some from another supplier, but the latest ones are excellent.  The fabric is of elastane and nylon, so they hold one in well...........First-class !"  Sonia.

"I wore the large hip pads for the first time last night. I cannot find words to fully describe the feeling/emotion ... they fit perfectly, boy shorts held them in place, I have SUCH lovely curves with them on and their weight and feel is amazing! I can't imagine a more compelling purchase for any TG! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!".  Samantha.  Surrey

"The 'hips' arrived this am, I am amazed at how good they are. I have been cross d'ing for a very long time and I bought my first self adhesive breast forms (Velcro) in June 1994, but the effectiveness of the 'hips' is the very best I have experienced of any accessory to date. They are way and above better than any other hip enhancer I have ever purchased. So a very big thank you. " Anon. Sussex

"I am now wearing my new white gaff with a pretty bra. Together they do make me feel very feminine. Thank you Geraldine for your help. I shall be returning!"  Roberta.

"These hip pads are simply awesome. They are completely natural -- even my wife doesn't notice them when I'm wearing them. But she does notice the curves. I wear these with a corset (a real corset, the kind with steel boning) and the two complement each other perfectly. Without these, the corset looks funny because at the point where it ends, my hips are straight vertical lines. But these enhancers give me an awesome curve that starts right where the corset ends; I have gorgeous curves that start from my nipped in waist, expand down my hip and then narrow back to my thighs.

I honestly never thought my figure could look this good, this feminine. Thanks to these babies, I've got curves most women would kill for. When I'm wearing them, even if I'm not wearing anything else feminine, I just can't stop my hips from swaying and with these beauties attached, that means something. Now, when I put on a pair of jeans or a skirt, I get this thrill as I have to struggle to pull it on over my hips. "  Jenny.  USA

"Hei Geraldine, the pads came today and they are wonderful. I am 5' 10. I feel a new person now ... my dreams came true!  Thank you so much! ".  AS. Norway.

"Can you see the smile on my face ?  Its big! :).  Hi Geraldine.  Just had to mail you back to say thank you.  I can see and feel why these (Padded Rear and Hip Briefs) are your best sellers.  Amazing shape for me now & the feeling of a pair of trousers really fitting & looking good makes me smile inside ! And I am not even wearing them now ! Just completely brilliant.  Why didn't I buy these years ago.  Thank you so much :)  Big Hug."  Anon.  Bristol.

I have a big problem with these (Amoena Contact 3S) - once they're on I can't bear to take them off!....really so good they become like a part of you..and no messing about with tapes or don't even think about alternatives - just go for it! ".  Kay.  Manchester.

"The Amoena forms are the most comfortable, realistic, and natural feeling forms I have ever had.  They are really easy to put on and hold all evening without any need to adjust them (I am not sure they would hold without a bra - but I don't need that).  Overall they are the best forms I have ever had, by a long way, and are well worth the money.  They have really changed the way I feel from the inside, which gives me so much more confidence when dressing - something I did not expect at all from breast forms.  For any cross dresser who wants the authentic 'femme' experience, I can't think of a better place to start.  Thank you so much for your help and advice with all this.  I am so grateful."  Anonymous.  London

"I have now received the Amoena breastforms I ordered. I was originally worried that I was going over the top with the price for breastforms, just or occasional use. My worries have gone. They are superb - the feel, the security, the information, the packaging - the Rolls Royce of breastforms. Despite the cost, I almost feel like saying they are "good value for money". Also thanks for the prompt service and helpful advice on the phone."  Peter.  London

"Just to let you know the breast forms arrived today.  They are simply great - thank you so very much."  Matt.  London.

"Hi Geraldine - the bra has arrived and it is just what I was looking for.  Thany you.  Hope to buy from you again."  Alainia xx.

"The two bras arrived today and they are great.  They fit really well, fully cover my forms and are very comfortable.  Thanks again for your assistance."  Vanessa.  Australia.

"Really pleased with the order and your super quick delivery, so many thanks for all your help. I wore it for the first time yesterday teamed with some black jeans and the results were fantastic. It has certainly given me more confidence when I'm out and about shopping."  Gina xx

"The hip pads arrives yesterday - its wonderful.  I am 5' 11", the large model is perfect.  I have foam and silicone hip and bottom pads already, but there is no comparison.  I am very happy of this purchase.  Thank you very much."  Jean.  France

"Hi.  Just wanted to say thank you bery much for the advice you gave me on the phone today about sizes and what I should get.  Thanks."   Lucy.

"Now that I have had time to dress properly with my new hips I just wanted to add to my first comments. Wonderful is not enough. I thought that the padded hip and bottom panties were good ( and still are) but with these hip pads my figure looks totally transformed. The hip line and down the thigh are just perfect. Underneath a pair of tights you would not know I was wearing them. By the way girls, I,m about 5ft8in, 12 stone and chose the larger size - perfect."  Grace.  Wales

"Hip pads arrived today. They are amazing ; they fit perfectly and feel so natural , after they have warmed up."  Grace.  Wales

"Dear Geraldine,  I'm really pleased with my Padded Panty and Padded rear and hip. Great products,great fit, speedy service and good prices. I will certainly highly recommend your company and products. Thanks."   Amanda xx  Surrey

The corset arrived and its just lovely.  the bra is the best I have ever had and works perfectly with the new breast forms."  Tracey.  Sussex

"Oh my god the bra is absolutely gorgeous and fits perfectly.  Its underwired bras for me in the future, fits so snug and holds my false breasts very nicely in position.  Thanks so much for your help and honesty."   Natasha.  Hampshire.

"Thanks for the fast delivery and lovely products.  It's very comfortable but does what's it meant to do, adding just a hint of sinewy curve to an otherwise very male, straight up and down torso. Love those suspenders, too - no danger of stocking tops pinging out of of those."  Suzy.  Norfolk.

"Hi Geraldine.  I am absolutely delighted with my bust and hips.  I love having boobs and the lace bra supports them perfectly.  My feminine self looks and feels so good - its marvellous !!  As a bonus I find that, with more on the hips and bottom, my tights fit better.  A big, big thank you for making all this happen.  Warm regards and best wishes."    Sheila.  Norfolk.

"Hi Geraldine.  I just wanted to say the parcel arrived as requested yesterday, and the (Delux) breastforms are fantastic. Size 6 was definately the right choice, they look very natural and fit my existing bras perfectly.  In anticipation of the parcel arriving I also bought a new dress, skirt and a couple of tops - all of which fit very well and show off my new breasts perfectly.  Yes, I was very nervous before I ordered, and I had also prepared myself to be disappointed that the product would not be as I had imagined - I need not have worried.  The two sided tapes are brilliant, and strong enough to allow me to go bra less.  Thank you very much."   Emma.  Cornwall.

"Thank you so much for your prompt service..  item perfect and gives a good girly shape ;0)).  Thanks again."  Collin.

"Hi!  I stand outside on my terrace, in beautiful sunshine, only with my black gaff on and a black bra on my slim body. Oh my Gosh I feel so feminine. This Gaff is just big enough to get full control with a minimum of cloth, and no seams shows through other clothes,  just what I needed."  Ingelin.  Norway

"Geraldine, you did a marvellous job of choosing the right sizes ! If I need more of anything, I know where to go !"  Dez (Desere Italiano). USA

"Just received my order they look absolutely fantastic. I am looking forward to placing my next order with you & only you, you have realy looked after me and I will not be going anywhere else (promise). Thank you so so much."  J xx

"Here is just happiness and joy this day.  I got curves.  Yes, Yes, Yes !!!  Fitness of padded brief and Gaff is 100%.  Hug and kiss."  I.  Norway

"I must give my compliments for this brief (the padded rear and hip brief). Its just lovely. I became sooooo feminine when using them under my pants. I got very nice curves now."   T. Denmark

"The padded briefs fit well and looks good. Thank you so much for the good service." T. Helsinki

"Thank you for taking so much time, guiding me through the options, and making sure my size was right. The experience has helped make me feel ok about myself, and I havent felt like that for a while".  Javine, Nottingham.

"The padded pants arrived, and they fit lovely."  Lorraine. Cambridge

"You were a real pleasure to talk to."   Tina.  Bristol

Geraldine. Thank you for your help. I have just received the breastforms safe and sound. They are wonderful".  Grace. West Wales

"I have looked at several web-sites which sell similar products and I found yours to be the best by far. I found your fitting tips and guides for bras and breastforms particularly helpful and this gave me the confidence to place an order. I am very pleased with my bra and breastforms and my partner tells me they look really good". MH

"Dear Geraldine.  Thank you for sending the Padded Rear and Hip Brief so quickly, very prompt service. I was impressed. I must say that the Padded Rear and Hip Brief is the best I have ever bought. For once it does what it is meant to do and looks very natural. It is not over or undersized 34 means 34 and gave me a very girly shape especially in jeans. It is also comfortable. I would definately recommend it to give a natural look when out and about.  Best wishes".  Sophie

"Thank you, thank you thank you !!!!!"  Jamie T.

"Just received my second order, and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am.  It all fits perfectly and looks beautiful.  Thanks"   Chantelle.

"Hi Geraldine. Just to let you know I loved the padded rear and hip briefs, delivery was very fast and the whole purchase was smooth and friendly, I'll be coming back for more stuff in the future. I've also recommended your site to some others in our group. Best wishes and thanks again."   Maddy x

"Have just received my Amoena breast forms, they are just simply amazing, I couldn't be happier. Also the Cornelli bra is a perfect fit and beautiful. Yet again many thanks Geraldine."  L

"The boned waist cincher arrived today - it looks and feels great.  Very impressed by the quality - I will definately be shopping with you again."  Paul

"Hi Geraldine, thanks for for New Year wishes and sending the corset, it is fab.  It fits perfectly and when combined with the padded briefs I get the body shape on my waist and hips that I have been striving for.  Many thanks again for your wonderful service."  L

"Geraldine has been so friendly and helpful.   The service was great and the boobs are just right :)  Thanks."    Vicki x   (Vicki bought the Amoena breastforms)

"I wish I had found this excellent website sooner.  I have just received a pair of padded panties and I am so pleased with them.  No more skirts with loose material round my bum and hips, and I now feel more confident and feel sexy in jeans trousers and leggins.  Service 10/10; Products 10/10; Website 10/10; advice and sizing 10/10.  I will be placing more orders in the months ahead.  Thanks Geraldine".   Amie xx

"You were simply brilliant Geraldine.  My thanks".  R

"Geraldine is so friendly and so willing to spend time in helping to choose the correct bra size. I purchased a pair of prosthesis from here and a couple of bras and I was treated just like an everyday woman. Great to have a shop like yours!!"   Heather.

"I can't thank Geraldine enough for the help and advice she has given me.  To be treated as a woman, and not a man, is wonderful.  The bras and breastforms are a great fit, and I am now confident to buy more lingerie from her, knowing it will fit perfectly.  Thankyou !"   Sarah.

"Thank you so much, I am so happy to be able to get advice and help from a compassionate lady such as yourself".  Walt. USA

"Many thanks for the padded panties that arrived today, they are fab! I have just ordered the other longer legged version from your site for under closer fitting clothes.  Thanks again. x".   LS

"Hi Geraldine, my new padded briefs arrived today, and they fit so well.  I can't wait for my corset to arrive to get my body curvy.  Many thanks for your wonderful service".  LS