Our Confidential & Discreet Payment and Delivery Service

Delivery Charges

The delivery charge depend on the weight of your package and reflects the actual cost.  To simplify things we have banded the costs into 4 bands as follows:

BAND       UK           Europe     US & Canada Rest of World
1 £4.50 £8.50 £10.50 £10.50
2 £5.99 £10.99 £15.00 £15.00
3 £8.99 £14.99 £25.00 £29.00
4 £15.00 £30.00 £35.00 £50.00

Band 1:  Lighter weight packages including most lingerie items, including single corsets and basques
Band 2:  Medium weight items including medium hip enhancer, and multiple corsets / basques
Band 3:  Heavier and bulky packages including Breast forms, and Large hip enhancers
Band 4:  Very large / heavy packages usually containing both breast forms and hip enhancers, or a set of large and medium hip enhancers


Confidential payment and Delivery Options

We understand that for many of you buying from websites like this one is not always as easy as it might appear.   Many of you have concerns over what might appear on your card / bank statement, and what might be written on the package that would give away its contents.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that your privacy is protected and have taken steps to make sure both our payment options and delivery options provide as much protection to you as possible.


Discreet Card Payments

We have taken steps to ensure that the name of our website or company will NOT appear on your credit card or bank statement.  The payment will simply appear as "LRR Ltd".

This will work for either of our payment processors (PayPal and WorldPay).

Anonymous Packaging

All of our packages are completely anonymous - with no identification of:
  • the contents of the package
  • the company that has sent them
  • website they were purchased from.
There is a return address label (there has to be) - but it is just an address with no company or persons name.

There is no way anyone will be able to guess the contents of one of our packages

Collect from a Collect+ Outlet

For additional privacy you can choose to have your package delivered to a Collect+ Outlet.  There are thousands of these across the Country - usually in newagents, cornershops and even some petrol stations.

The package will have to be addressed to your real name as you will have to sign for it.  The package, will of course, be completely anonymous.

An extra charge applies for this service as, unfortunately, we have no where to drop off these parcels nearby - so we have to drive to the nearest outlet.  This is £10 for lighter parcels (Band 1 and Band 2 - which is typically lingerie) and £15 for heavier parcels (Band 3 & Band 4 - typically breast forms and hip pads).

See below for more details on how this works

Delivery on a day of your Choice

I also have the facility to provide delivery to you on a specific day of your choice.  One when you know when you are going to be in - or when you know someone else will be out !

I do this by using Next Day delivery - not to deliver your parcel the day after you order it - but to agree with you in advance a day you want it delivered.  I will then send out the package the day before that day.

I can also do conventional next day delivery on many (but not all) of my products - but I only usually do this with prior approval to make sure I dont let you down.
No emails or post mailings

Finally, we promise NOT to send you any unsolicited emails or mailings. 

Unlike many websites we NEVER send these out - so you will not need to be worried about being added to a mailing list.

We quite often get asked if we have a mailing list - but we avoid having one to ensure there are no mistakes over privacy.

Collect + Collection

Collect Plus works like this (I am afraid it is a bit manual):
  1. Find a Collect + Outlet you would like to collect your parcel from (you can find a full list using this link  Collect+)
  2. Our normal post is collected from our premises by Royal Mail.  We have to charge an additional fee for the Collect+ service as we have to specially drive the package to an outlet.  The cost of this is £10 for light packages (lingerie items) and £15 for heavy packages (breast forms and hip pads).
  3. You choose this service when you check out by selecting the "Collect+" delivery method
  4. In the delivery address section please use your real name (you will need to provide ID to collect the package).
  5. Please also use the Collect +outlet address as your delivery address and include the words COLLECT+ before the business name in the delivery address section.
  6. I will need an email address or mobile phone number to provide - so they can notify you when the package is ready to collect

We hope you find these services valuable - please let us know if there is anything else we can do that would help you.

Geraldine x