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Gaffs for Cross-Dressers

Gaffs are designed to help you achieve a more feminine appearance by hiding away your bits to give a more flat feminine shape.  There are two basic types:  the first (named "Basic Gaff" here) is like a thong with a bit more room - you just pull everything back between your legs and the gaff holds it in place.  I also have one of these that includes a silicone vagina insert - which gives and extremely realistic appearance.

The second (named "Gaff for Tucking" here) is designed to be used when you "tuck" (tucking is when you insert your testicles up into your abdomen).  These Gaffs will hold your testes in place and give a very flat feminine appearance.  As the fit has to be really precise to make sure everything is held comfortably in place - these gaffs are made to your exact measurements.  As a genetic female I cant really share any personal experiences on tucking.  

The manufacturer has provided instruction that you may find helpful - you can find these by CLICKING HERE.

They have also provided a brief video to show you how to tuck in a bit more detail - you will see the results are quite amazing.  You can see the video by CLICKING HERE.