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Choose from our extensive range of Silicone Pads

I have put together the widest range of silicone hip and bum pads that you can find anywhere.  They are all fantastic products.

Silicone Hip Pads

These pads are designed to feel very realistic.  They are made of soft (but strong) silicone - so realistic that, if someone bumps into you, they will never know you are wearing pads.  The Small, Medium and Large hip pads are made are self adhesive so will stay in place.  The adhesive is NOT strong enough to wear them unsupported - so you will need to wear them with shape wear or some sturdy tights (they may be ok under tight clothing).  The XL and Shorty pads are tacky on the underside so will not move when worn - but will also need supporting.  Please take a look at the video guide - I have put audio on this so turn down your volume if you do not want anyone to hear 

Size Wise they run (weight of one pad):

Hip Creator XL (1,300g) - Hip Creator XL Shorty (900g) - Silicone Hip & Bum Pads (750g) - Large Hip Enhancer (650g) - Medium Hip Enhancer (325g) - Small Hip Enhancer

Silicone Bum Pads

The bum pads, shown below, are self-adhesive and designed so the adhesive will stick them to your underwear.  This means they can work with any of your underwear or clothing.
Click on Image for larger View Before / After Comparison
The Hip Creator - XL The Hip Creator - Large Small, Medium. Large
Self Adhesive Hip Pads
Extra Large Silicone Hip Pad Short Pad