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Hip and Bum Pads

Large Silicone Hip Enhancers


Large Silicone Hip Enhancers

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Self adhesive silicone pads especially designed to give a more feminine hip line. Will add 3" to the hips - available in three skin tones.
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Silicone Hip Enhancers (Large)

These moulded silicone hip pads are self adhesive, and have been especially designed to give a fuller more feminine silhouette.  Unlike foam hip enhancers they feel just like skin, no-one will guess you are wearing padding under your clothes.

My View:  "These hip pads are flexible enough to move with your body even when sitting downA great way of adding inches to you hips that lets you wear any underwear or hosiery you like.  These large pads will really give you some great curves on your hips."

Please note, the adhesive on these pads is not strong enough for them to be worn unsupported.  They need to be worn underneath tights or a pair of reasonably substantial "boy short" briefs.  I also strongly recommend using the roll-on adhesive for a bit of additional stickiness, particularly around the edges (see below).

  • Pair of pads (one left and one right)
  • Self adhesive - simply wash with soapy water
  • 100% flexible and realistic (they were designed by someone who was afraid that the foam pads she wore would be discovered when she was being frisked at a night club)
  • Edges blend un-noticeably
  • One size fits all
  • Available in three skin tones
  • When worn will add approx. 3" around your hips
  • Dimensions (approx) : Width:28cm, Length:32cm,  Weight:1.3kgs (pair)

  • Padding Level:
    Adds 3-4"
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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OMG, I've had my large silicone hips and bum pads for a few weeks now. They look and feel amazing. I've tried the foam pads but the don't look very convincing. These however look totally convincing. The shape makes me look and feel like a real woman for the first time. My dresses fit better, look better and it gives me the confidence to go out. And girl do I work those hips when I'm out. Sexy, Sassy spring to mind. Beyonce, eat your heart out. Thank you so much Geraldine, I can't tell you how good they are and how good they make me look and feel.


Hollie | Laois | December 2014

These are expensive but worth every penny. And what's the alternative? Cheap or homemade foam pads won't come remotely close to this effect. And more expensive foam pads (e.g. US Classic Curves) such as those I had before these whilst working to some extent are less comfortable, less effective and cost pretty much this much anyway by the time you've included postage and duty!

These pads are just brilliant and a huge improvement over the above expensive foam pads (and way cheaper than their silicone ones).

I find they stick well enough to survive a minute or two without support e.g. in the loo, but the rest of the time I find M&S shapewear shorts work very nicely to hold them secure top and bottom without being too hot or heavy.

Size-wise, I'm 5'10", 14 stone, and about a size 16. The large pads look perfect and I'm glad I didn't go any smaller.

Rachel | Gravesend | November 2014

Perfect. Thank you so much. x

Kitty | London | January 2014

What can I say absolutely amazing I was fed up of foam pads slipping about under my clothes and not looking natural, I am 5' 10" size 16, and the large pads give me a super figure filling out my skirts and dresses I do not use adhesive I find they stay in place with just a pair of panties and tights over them I have tried them with all my underwear and outfits,and have found them to be perfect adding about 4 1/2" to my hip measurement I have since discarded all my foam pads a superb product thankyou very much.

A.A. | Midlands | January 2014

These are truly amazing. I am 6ft tall, slim, and the large size is just perfect. All of my dresses fit me now :-)

Deanna | | September 2013

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