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Hip and Bum Pads

Medium Sized Silicone Hip Enhancers

Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure
Medium Sized Stick-On Silicone Hip Pad | Hour Glass Figure

Medium Sized Silicone Hip Enhancers

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Self adhesive stick on silicone pads - designed to give a more feminine hip line. Will add 2-3" to your hips - available in 3 skin tones.

Silicone Hip Enhancers (Medium)

These moulded silicone pads are self adhesive, and have been especially designed to give a fuller more feminine silhouette.  Unlike foam pads they feel just like skin, no-one will guess you are wearing padding under your clothes.

My View:  "These pads are flexible enough to move with your body even when sitting down.  A great way of adding inches to you hips that lets you wear any underwear or hosiery you like.  These medium pads will give a lovely shape to your hips and upper thigh."

Please note, the adhesive on these pads is not strong enough for them to be worn unsupported.  They need to be worn underneath tights or a pair of reasonably substantial "boy short" briefs.  I also recommend using the roll-on adhesive to provide a little additional stickiness, particularly around the edges (see below).

  • Pair of pads (one left and one right)
  • Self adhesive - simply wash with soapy water
  • 100% flexible and realistic (they were designed by someone who was afraid that the foam pads she wore would be discovered when she was being frisked at a night club)
  • Edges blend un-noticibly
  • Available in three colours
  • When worn adds 2-3" around your hips
  • Size (approx): Width: 24cm, Length: 28cm, Weight: 650g (pair)
  • Please note:  For hygiene reasons we are unable to accept returns on self-adhesive products
  • Padding Level:
    Adds 2-3"
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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These are really good and give you a nice natural shape- They are so much better than foam pads which I find tend to look a bit 'lumpy'. The only downside is that it takes me a little time to position. Please can you make them fixed into a panty like many of the foam ones as they would then be absolutely amazing and I would be able to wear them everyday!!!!

Kate | London | September 2016

Thank you for your help and advice prior to my purchase. I'm so pleased with the medium hip enhancers, they have given me the confidence I wanted. They are really good quality and make such a difference, giving me really natural curves. Thanks again, L x

Laura | North England | April 2016

Great!. They fit very well and adhered to my skin nicely. Much better than my old foam rubber pads. Well -pleased.

AW | Newcastle | October 2015

I just purchased this product and i have had it on for a few days now. so far i the must say that this product is fabulous and looks all natural. the curve on it is so realistic, I could literary wear it with any pants or dress it so seamless looks and feels natural. my boyfriend couldn't even tell. so i just wear it with a regular tight or spandex and it holds up well. " no one wud tel u had something there". This product has definitely boosted my Ego.

kourtney | canada | March 2012

Being a bit of a skinny minny i've always struggled for hips, i've been down the foam route a LOT of times and they always end up ruined, these silicone enhancers feel amazing to wear and give me all the boost I need, both in shape and confidence!

Flic | UK | July 2011

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