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Plain Gaff (for Tucking)

Plain Gaff (for Tucking)
Plain Gaff (for Tucking) Plain Gaff (for Tucking)
Plain Gaff (for Tucking) Plain Gaff (for Tucking)
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These thong style gaffs are beautifully hand made and are especially designed for tucking.  

They have a small plastic insert to ensure your genitals stay under control at all times.  Each gaff is hand made to your measurement, and so take approximately one week to be sent out.

Please note:  These gaffs can ONLY be worn when you are tucking, as there is not enough room to hold your testes.

  • Fits smoothly against the body
  • Small plastic insert keeps your genitals under control and your testes in place
  • Very feminine
  • Full frontal coverage.
  • Soft lining for comfort. 
These items are sized by your hip measurements and are specifically made to that sizing.  To get the correct size measure your hips (in centimeters) around where the Gaff will sit.  They sit quite low on the hips and you (as you can see from the images) - so measure where the top edge of the Gaff will sit.

As a these Gaffs are custom made to your measurements I will ask you to select the size range of the Gaff - as well as entering your actual measurement at the hip.

Hip Size Range
Enter Your Actual measured Hip Size (cm)

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Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: shazz from devon   5 Stars
just what i needed thx xx

Reviewer: Amanda from Surrey   5 Stars
A superb really well made quality product. Very comfortable to wear all day long. Gives a great shape! Excellent service.I love it! Thanks so much Geraldine.

Reviewer: jenny from north east england   5 Stars
having been there done that got the tee shirt etc after asking "geraldine" about them i bit the bullit and took the plunge take it from me if you dont tape and i dont these are for you they do have a pocket but you realy dont need it . they are made from "powermesh" they are a bit like the lower half of a panty girdle but with a thong back. well mpressed

Reviewer: Kylie from Staffs   5 Stars
Really well made compared to all the other Gaffs I have tried - surprisingly nice