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Self Adhesive Breast Forms for Cross Dressers

I have put together the widest possible range of self adhesive breast forms.  All of these breast forms have a built in adhesive on the underside of the form - which with proper care will last for years.  None of these breast forms come with nipples so you will need to buy these separately.  I would also recommend using the special cleansers to clean the adhesive surface after use.

In the words of one of my customers:  "They have really changed the way I feel from the inside, which gives me so much more confidence when dressing - something I didn't expect at all from breast forms. For any cross dresser who wants an authentic 'femme' experience, I can't think of a better place to start."

Why should I consider self-adhesive forms ? These are the best forms you can get !  They really enhance the femme experience, and a few hours into wearing them you will forget they are not your own. There is no need for adhesive tapes or glue to attach your forms - this means they are always ready to wear, and may work out cheaper in the long run

What are the downsides ?  They cannot be worn bra-less as the adhesive is not quite strong enough . They are more expensive than traditional breast forms

Amoena Breast Forms.  Developed for ladies who have had a mastectomy, they are designed to exactly replicate the feel of a breast. I think the full weight Amoena silicone is the most realistic on the market. It looks, feels and has the weight of natural breast tissue.

Although the underside is not as hollowed out as the Amolux, they are filled with Amoena's patented Comfort+ material, which helps remove body heat from the chest wall and reduces perspiration. This makes them some of the most comfortable forms to wear. They come in a range of profiles and are in the more versatile triangular shape.

Amolux Breast Forms.  The Amolux forms are new on the market, and have a very similar adhesive system to the Amoena forms.  They have been specifically designed for the TG/TV market.

They are made of a silicone which feels just like Amoena's full weight silicone. Importantly they have a more concave underside than the Amoena forms, which means they are more "hollowed out". This is ideal if you need them to accommodate more natural breast tissue. The self-adhesive Amolux form is only available in an asymmetrical shape which gives more shape under the arm - but can interfere with the underwires in some bras.

I sell four different self adhesive breast forms:

Amolux Diamond (Asymmetrical):  These are an asymmetrical shape, and so extend a little more under the arm.  Choose these if you need a your forms to cope with a little more natural breast tissue.

Amoena Contact 3S Comfort+ (382).  These are Amoena's full profile, full weight breast  forms.  Choose these if you don't have much breast tissue and want a realistic breast form with great natural bounce.

Amoena Contact 2S Light Comfort+ (380).  These are made of Amoena's lightweight silicone, which is 35% lighter than the full weight version, but doesn't quite feel as realistic.  Choose these if you want an average profile form, which is lighter and more comfortable to wear, and has a bit less bounce.

Amoena Contact 1S Comfort+ (384).  This is made of Amoena's full weight silicone, but has a shallower profile, with less silicone in the upper part of the form.  Choose these if you want a more subtle profile where the top of the form blends smoothly into your chest.