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Self Adhesive Breast Forms

These breast forms will really enhance your cross-dressing experience and after an hour or so they will genuinely feel like your own..  They all have a built in adhesive on the underside of the form - which with proper care will last for years.  None of these breast forms come with nipples so you will need to buy these separately.  I would also recommend using the special cleansers to clean the adhesive surface after use.  In the words of one of my customers:  "They have really changed the way I feel from the inside, which gives me so much more confidence when dressing - something I didn't expect at all from breast forms. For any cross dresser who wants an authentic 'femme' experience, I can't think of a better place to start."



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Amoena Contact 3S Breast Forms (382)
Top selling self adhesive breast form in the most realistic silicone you can buy. Full profile and full weight (pair). Sizes 1-10.
Amoena Contact 2S Comfort+ (381) Breast Forms
Ingenious full weight contact breast form, with an average profile, that requires no adhesive (pair). Sizes 1-14.
Amoena Contact 1S Breast Forms (384)
Full weight silicone breast form, in the most realistic feeling silicone you can buy. Full weight with a subtle shallow profile. Sizes 1-14.
Amoena Contact 386C - Asymmetrical Form
Cleverly designed self adhesive breast form that works with more plunge style bras (pair- one left and one right). Sizes 1-14.
Nudi Boobies
Bust enhancing stick-on silicone bra - adds a full cup size to your bust and gives a lift to your natural cleavage. Available in Nude, Black or Clear