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Hip and Bum Pads

Set of Silicone Hip Enhancers (Large AND Medium)


Set of Silicone Hip Enhancers (Large AND Medium)

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Set of two pairs of self adhesive silicone pads (one Large and Medium). Save 10% when you buy the pair.

These moulded silicone hip pads are self adhesive, and have been especially designed to give a fuller more feminine silhouette.  Unlike foam hip enhancers they feel just like skin, no-one will guess you are wearing padding under your clothes.


My View:  "These hip pads are flexible enough to move with your body even when sitting downA great way of adding inches to you hips that lets you wear any underwear or hosiery you like.  A set of Large and Medium lets you choose the look - and they are a bargain at this price."

Please note, the adhesive on these pads is not strong enough for them to be worn unsupported.  They need to be work underneath tights or a pair of reasonably substantial "boy short" briefs.  I also recommend they be used with the roll-on adhesive, which will enhance the stickiness, especially around the edges.

  • Self adhesive - simply wash with soapy water
  • 100% flexible and realistic (they were designed by someone who was afraid that the foam pads she wore would be discovered when she was being frisked at a night club)
  • Edges blend un-noticeably
  • One size fits all
  • three colours to choose from
  • When worn Large adds 4-5" around your hips, Medium adds 2-3 inches

  • Padding Level:
    Adds 3-4"
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  • Weight:
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The pads give a wonderfull rounded hips so you clothes will hang well . I use the smaller pads to give a gentle effect which is good for when that is all you want. Good with trousers and skirts .

The big pads are wonderfull with fitted dresses and stretch fabrics which will cling to your new curves.

I have found they work best with ''girl shorts'' or similar to hold the pads in place all day . I also use the glue.

The only down side is I need to be carefull with the edges when dressing. Otherwise have fun , they are great !

Helen | London | October 2012