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Confidential Personal Online Shopping Service

Ever wanted to buy lots of stuff on the internet - but too nervous to have it delivered to your home or appear on your credit card statement - in that case try my personal online shopping service !  Although I can't offer trips to the actual shops - I can shop online for you.

I have offered this service to a small number of customers - but have now decided to make it available more broadly.  If you are interested just email me on info@hourglassfigure.co.uk.

As part of this service I will:
  • Take a list of items from you and create a quote
  • Purchase items on your behalf from any website anywhere in the world
  • Consolidate it all into a single package
  • Deliver the package to a location of your choice - including a Post Office (for you to discreetly collect)
Please note: As this is a customised shopping service I will be unable to accept returns or exchanges on any items purchased on your behalf.

I have outlined the fees and charges I normally include at the end of this page - CLICK HERE  - to jump down there.  As you will see it can be rather expensive for a small number of items, as this service is really designed for larger purchases.


You provide me with your shopping list:
  • This needs to be a specific list of items from specific websites
  • Ideally it should be a list of URL links to the specific products you want
  • It must include all relevant purchase detail (size, colour etc)
The shopping list will be rejected if it is just a wish list or does not include all relevant details

On the basis of your shopping list I will put together a quote for you.  This will include:
  • The cost of all products and delivery charges
  • Import and credit card fees for overseas purchases
  • VAT
  • My fee
The quote is not negotiable (more details of the charges are shown below).

On agreement of the quote - you will pay the full amount upfront, and as soon as funds have cleared I will start shopping.

I will then complete the online shopping, and will provide you with updates on progress and any issues encountered.  When I have purchased all items I will let you know and make sure delivery arrangements are still ok.

Please Note: Once I have started shopping it will not be possible to change the list with my prior approval, and also, all purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-EXCHANGEABLE - so be sure you know what you want.

Finally, I will post out your parcel.  Wherever possible I will do this as a single package.

The package will be completely anonymous, but will need to be addressed in your real name - as you will have to sign for it.

You may (at an additional charge) also take advantage of our Collect+ service - where you can have the package delivered to a local shop - and you collect the parcel there.


The service can be quite time consuming, from my perspective, but I will provide a firm quote to you based on your shopping list.  The charges will consist of the following:
  • A fixed fee of £25 to £50 depending on the complexity of the purchase
  • 10% of the value of goods purchased
In addition, I will charge for the following:
  • VAT at 20% on all purchases (sorry but this has to be done)
  • Delivery charges for all items to come to me
  • Final Delivery to the location of your choice
And, for overseas purchases:
  • 3% foreign currency credit card fee
  • 20% Import duty
  • 5% customer clearance