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Hip and Bum Pads

The Hip Creator - XL Silicone Pads

Extra Large Silicone Hip Pads | The Hip Creator
Extra Large Silicone Hip Pads | The Hip Creator
Extra Large Silicone Hip Pads | The Hip Creator
Extra Large Silicone Hip Pads | The Hip Creator
Extra Large Silicone Hip Pads | The Hip Creator

The Hip Creator - XL Silicone Pads

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The largest pads I sell - these extra large silicone pads designed to give you a realistic feminine shape. Will add 4-5" to your hips.
The Hip Creator XL Silicone Pads -  from Curve Creations (pair)

The largest hip pads I sell, in supersoft flesh like silicone - now with mesh reinforced edges.

My Opinion: "If you have tried other hip pads and been under-whelmed - then these are the solution.  They are the largest pads I sell and cleverly have more volume on the lower part of the pad for a more feminine shape.  Made from a super soft silicone compound these hip pads are "flesh-like" pads to the touch. and have a skin of stronger silicone and  mesh reinforced edges to prevent tearing."

These extra large hip pads are shaped to perfectly replicate the female shape.  They are larger and thicker than the other pads, and are perfect if you really want to show off your hips.  Most importantly the thickness extends into the lower portion of the pad - which is where women tend to hold more weight.  This will give you a more feminine profile than any other product available, and will fill out your figure and make a noticeable difference even on the larger frame  Will add 4-5" around your hips and bum.
  • Will add 4-5" to your hips for a  difference you will really notice
  • Uniquely the thickness extends down the leg for a fully natural female profile
  • Made from soft realistic silicone which is undetectable under clothing
  • Mesh reinforced edges to prevent tearing
  • Slightly tacky on the underside to help keep in place when putting them on, but must be worn with shape wear to ensure they stay in place all night
  • Carefully shaped so the thickest part mimics the female form
  • Price per set (one left pad and one right)
  • Weight:  1.3kg per pad (2.6kg per pair)
  • Length: 44cm
  • Width:  28cm
  • Thickness: 4cm
Large vs XL The Hip Creator XL (right)  is significantly larger than the Large Hip Enhancer (left).  With double the amount of silicone it gives the most noticeable effect you can get.  Most importantly the volume extends further down the leg where women tend to hold their weight.

  • Padding Level:
    Adds 4-5"
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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The best pads for those with narrow hips.

I have a wide chest and narrow hips and these are the only pads that make me feel happy with my figure. They take a little playing with to get them to feel comfortable and to look good but once mastered it's easy. I use control shorts from Wolford to keep them in place and they work a treat, thin and therefore cool but snug. The pads can get a little warm on the skin in hot weather but otherwise they are comfortable worn all day. Just moisturise your skin before bed and you can wear them day after day without problems. As for durability, my last pair lasted several years before ripping from the sides which for me represents good value. I think the latest version has more durable edges.

Patricia McGlynn | Belper | July 2022

OMG - I nearly cried

I got my XL hip pads today and OMG I nearly cried when I looked in the mirror. They are just perfect! They suit me so well so you've made me a very happy lady indeed! Thanks again, Soph xx

Sophie | Anon | January 2022

Well worth it!

Being honest I hesitated a little to buy given the cost, but so glad I did. Well worth it. My figure is vastly improved. I used smaller foam padding before which was Ok, but they fade into nothing compared to these much larger silicone ones.

I feel much happier wearing those skinny jeans I shied away from before as my hips weren't right. I also look much better in skirts if I do say so myself! I just need to buy more clothes now!

Just ordered long leg shapewear to help hold in place.

100% recommend, PS quick shipping too,

Thank you Geraldine.

Sinead | Devon | January 2022

Amazing !!

When positioned correctly they look fantastic - even on my slight 5’ 8” frame! I do have to wear cycle shorts and tight pants to hold them in place though as they weigh a ton (they account for over 4% of my total body weight when worn!). 🤣

With the addition of boobs and bum pads they’re phenomenal. Thank you so much. I am immeasurably happy with them. If this helps someone’s decision to purchase a pair then that’s fantastic. They won’t regret it.

Shelley | | September 2019

Fantastic hip pads!

They feel so well made, firm but not to firm.

Surprisingly comfortable to sit on especially on harder surfaces...wooden chairs etc.

These pads look and feel sensational to wear, once you find the sweet spot to locate them. But it is vital you purchase appropriate shape wear to hold them in place.

The thin edges do blend so well and with shape wear you honestly can hardly see or feel the edges.

So happy I made this purchase, I cannot believe how much curve and fullness these pads provide me,they make me feel fab when dressed.

Many thanks Geraldine.

Jo | Wales | April 2019

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