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Traditional Cross Dressing Breast Forms

All of these breast forms have been specifically designed for cross dressers, and have a more hollowed out underside to accommodate a bit of natural breast tissue.

I have six ranges:

Amoena Natura:  in my opinion the most realistic feeling silicone you can buy - matches natural breast tissue both in terms of touch and weight.  Available in Full and Shallow profiles.  Choose these if you want the most realistic feeling traditional forms you can buy. 

Amolux Ruby (Triangle):  New on the market these breast forms are made from a silicone that is similar to Amoena's full weight silicone - which is about as realistic as it gets.  Choose these if you want a great feeling traditional form.

Luxury (Triangle):  These are a made of a high quality silicone and have a double thickness underside - which is ideal for use with tapes and adhesive.  They have a full profile and come in a wide range of sizes.  Choose these if you want a great quality form with a full round profile and not too much bounce.  I would particularly recommend these if you are a frequent user of tapes.

Luxury (Asymmetrical):  The same as the Luxury Triangular form, but extend slightly under the arm.  Choose these if you want a little more profile under the arm (be careful as this can interfere with the underwires on some bras).

Delux:  These are essentially a more budget version of the Luxury forms from the same manufacturer, and are only available in size 4, 6 & 8.  They are still a fantastic breast form and represent great value at these prices.  Choose these if you want a full profile and like your forms with a bit more bounce (and want to spend a little less).

Natural Look:  These are a shallow profile breast form, which means they have less silicone in the upper part of the form.  Choose these if you want a more subtle profile which tapers into your chest.