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Cross Dressing Waist Cinchers

I have put together this range of waist cinchers to cover a range of crossdressing needs, including. 

Metal Boned Corsets

At the top of the range are a set of metal boned corsets.  These are really gorgeous, beautifully made and are really substantial pieces of lingerie.  The ones I sell are made by one of the last corset makers in England, and when you pick one up you can tell it is something really special.  My range is specially chosen to be suitable for crossdressers, as many female corsets just won't fit properly.

These corsets will have the largest impact on your waistline, and are ideal if you have to create a waist line where there isn't one.  As your waist is pinched in it will also emphasise your hips.  They also have the additional benefit of changing your posture and forcing you to walk in a more feminine way - quite an amazing transformation from a single item.

Latex Waist Cinchers

A relatively new Brazilian control garment, made almost entirely of rubber.  These have become really popular as Gok Wan uses them on his TV show "How to look good naked".  They are basically a huge rubber band which fits tightly across your body.  Quite a substantial garment, and they provide really great body shaping and control, without the need for laces. These are the most powerful unlaced waist cinchers I have come across.

Boned Waist Cinchers

These are lighter weight garments, and tend to be a bit prettier.  Some are lace up, but in all cases the light boning provides a great shape.  The "Boned waist Cincher" in black or white remains as one of my top selling pieces of lingerie.

Elasticated Shapewear

The "traditional" shapewear made popular by "Trinny and Susannah".  Ideal if you just want to tone up your shape a bit, but will struggle to compare with the body shaping abilities of the other waist cinchers.